Freelance Java Developer

In 1988 I joined Price Waterhouse as a graduate trainee IT consultant. At the end of the first year I was graded A+. Only 3 of us, out of 150 top graduates, got that grade.

Price Waterhouse spent a lot of time and money training us to high standards. I was trained in structured programming, business analysis, team leading, basic accounts and other areas of the IT Consultancy business.

In 1992 I began contracting myself out as a freelance analyst programmer/developer. I spent 16 years programming and doing analysis at large companies mainly in the financial sector (see my CV for details). For the last three years I have been working for myself from my home office, programming for different companies, doing everything from maintenance to writing entire systems (see Freelance section for details).

This shows that not only do I have a natural ability for writing code, I have been well trained and now have 20 years experience.

Since 2006 I have delivered (and invoiced on) over 10 projects all done from home, which shows I also have the work ethic and determination required to work on my own or in a team from home. It also demonstrates I can communicate effectively with a variety of people and organisations.

I am offering this ability and experience to anyone who needs a programmer to help out with any project. I can program/develop in Java, Databases(Mysql/Oracle/Sybase/SQL Server), HTML, CSS, Javascript, C, C++, C# and even VB if neccessary - see my technical experience section for details

I can guarantee that I will be cheaper than going to a consultancy and the end result will be better quality (most consultancies use recent graduates to do the programming, allowing them to learn the ropes at your expense).

I stand by my code and I will fix any bugs that are found after implementation, and any enhancements will be subject to a very reasonable charge. My code will be highly maintainable, so you can always find someone else to do enhancements though I would be surprised if anyone can do it for a better price.

I can take on work anywhere in the UK and will consider anything worldwide. Please see the cost,estimates and availability section for my working practices.

There are a set of links on the right hand side of this page. These should help you find the information you need quickly if you are a big company, start-up, individual, or even a student. Otherwise, feel free to look around the site.

So, if you need a highly skilled, efficient, experienced programmer or analyst to help you in any way, then please either email me at, or phone me on 07776122578.