Business Experience

I have 17 years business experience covering banking, telecoms, e-commerce, and other general businesses.

I started my career in the financial sector of the management consultancy division of Price Waterhouse. We were taught business analysis and consultancy skills, as well as basic accountancy techniques. I had experience at Barclays Bank, Foreign and Colonial Bank and even the Bank of Bangladesh - which was a very interesting experience.

Since then I have worked in the Bond settlement office at Banque Paribas, the trading floor at Goldman Sachs (where I had daily dealings with traders), Prime Brokerage division at Nomura Bank, Credit Risk at Deuche Bank, and Market Risk at Goldman Sachs.

In the telecommunications sector I spent 6 months at Three, during their launch in 03/03/03, this was a very busy time and often required work at the weekends and into the evenings.

The biggest website I worked for was assertahome, which was the biggest property portal at the time, and was taking over 500,000 hits per day. I became the lead analyst as well as programmer, and had to liaise with everyone from the managing director downwards.

In all of these places I have had to do business analysis as well as programming so I have a wide ranging knowledge of financial services and the ability to communicate with people of differing talents and attitudes.

Also, throughout this time I have run my own small company for which I do my own bookkeeping, therefore I have sound knowledge of the workings of a small company.

I am now also certified in Bookkeeping, by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.