Technical Experience

I was trained in structured programming by Price Waterhouse in 1989. Writing code in a structured manner means no duplicated code, and splitting the functionality into reusable chunks. This is also the basis of Object Oriented code, which I came across in the mid-1990's and understood and appreciated the benefits of OO code from the early days.

I was trained using COBOL, but that was the only time I ever used it. The first 5 years of my working life were spent writing C and using the Ingres Database (which became Postgres). Following this was a few years writing C++ before I turned to Java.

Since then I have mainly been a Java programmer but I can turn myself to to most languages.

Having used SQL and relational databases throughout my career, I am extremely accomplished with all aspects. I always find myself the expert wherever I am working and colleagues come to me for advice on writing efficient SQL. A number of times I have sped up applications by rewriting the SQL - see the database section for examples of these.

Since 2006, I've worked on a number of independent projects for different companies/individuals. In two years I have written 4 projects from scratch, all the way to creating live environments and deploying on unix/windows servers, I have been involved in maintenance of 5 other projects, help a team write another project and helped out with a number of issues on other sites.

These projects have included gui development, server development, database design and development, deployment of databases/servers, geographic information systems, embedded systems and dynamic websites. All the information about these projects can be found in the CV section.

For more in depth information about various skills, please use the menu options on the right hand side of this page, for more detailed information about my experience, see the CV section.