Mobile Development

I started mobile programming in 2009 when I was employed to write Blackberry Apps for Symantec and Playstation.

I quickly moved onto writing iOS and Android apps and my first client in this was Audio Trails (now AT Creative), who wrote geographically aware walking apps. The first versions were sponsored through Government Grants, and I built them using a framework to make further versions easy to implement, they just supplied the content which I would drop that into the framework and create a new app. Although this was the plan, the end clients (mainly tourist offices or national park authorities) always wanted something new. So I developed many varied and interesting extras such as showing videos, scrollable panoramic photos and images that faded in and out over other images.

AT Creative 1 AT Creative 2 AT Creative 3

I went on to produce the central offering of Teamhaven, who provide field marketing tools to help agencies and brands promote and track their products. It's a complex app pushing boundaries due to the volume and complexity of data, balancing between memory and performance using threads and locking. The full scope can be seen in this video. I wrote the entire app for both iOS and Android. Since then I've worked to increase the offerings along with changes needed for the constantly changing OS. Projects such as barcode reading, biometrics, notifications, multiple languages and rewriting the L&F to the designs of a graphic designer.

This all means I am a very experienced Android and iOS programmer who can turn my hand to Java, Kotlin, Swift and even Objective-C. If none of those terms mean anything to you, don't worry, I am excellent at communicating technical issues and at the very least I can give you some guidance as to the best way forwards in any project.

I alos have a lot of experience with Java, JBoss, Mysql, and Unix. Therefore, if your app needs some server functionality, I can write that as well, again, don’t worry if you are unsure, a quick conversation will allow me to help you understand your needs.

So I have 15 years of experience writing mobile apps in all devices so feel free to look around my site to see the full extent of my experience and if you want to get in contact please see my contact information on the right hand side