In the early days all my programming was in C. I have an excellent understanding of all aspects including pointers,structures and function pointers and wrote many applications mainly writing and reading from Ingres Databases.

In 1998 at Goldman Sachs we wrote applications in C++ and I took to it easily due to my background in structured programming. We created an application which allowed trades to be entered and viewed, flowed them to the back office, and kept the databases in New York, London and Hong Kong all in Sync to allow global trading. The application was written in C++ with a Motif front end. It was a 2 tiered application running on Sun Workstations with Solaris (Unix) operating systems.

At Goldmans the second time in 2003 - 2006, there were a lot of C++ programs used to read data into Sybase from flat files. Despite being C++ these were mainly procedural, so I rewrote them to use the OO capabilities of C++, i.e to use objects to make common code reusable, and to make the whole suite of programs more maintainable.

At mobile communications company, Three, I wrote a help desk application in C#. I used C# so that I could incorporate outlook messages and excel spreadsheets.