My HTML and Javascript experience began at Nomura in 1999. We wrote our own application server, as JSP was in it's infancy, and all the HTML was produced by java classes. We quickly realised that going back to the server was going to be too slow for a trade entry system so we used javascript to cache information in the browser and ended up with a complex but efficient application.

At Assertahome.com (now propertyfinder.com - 2001 - 2003) we were responsible for the website allowing users to browse through the property database. We wrote JSPs,HTML and javascript as well as enterprise javabeans and servlets at the back.

We used weblogic as an application server and the site took 500,000 hits per day. I spent a lot of time trawling through the log files and solving unreproduceable bugs often caused by programmatic mistakes in the multithreaded domain. This was excellent experience for gaining a very fundemental knowledge of how servlets, jsps, html, javascript and the application/web servers all work together.