Entire Programming Cycle

I have always been involved in the entire programming cycle from early system analysis to final implementation and support. I have been responsible for early analysis documentation, program design, database design, programming and am confident with all aspects of implementation from deploying code to installing databases, and configuring unix servers.

Since 2006 I have been responsible for 5 projects where I have done all of these things, as well as advising on software and hardware decisions.

  • Kenbuster- This is a startup company who use GIS to detect whether your car has entered the congestion zone and if it has it pays the congestion charge for you. I wrote the code that receives the position information from the satellite units and decides whether the car is in the zone at the correct time to incur a charge. I also did an application to allow them to maintain user information, make the payments automatically, send emails and sms messages (using a gprs modem) to the clients, and even view the cars journeys on google maps so that the charges can be checked. I wrote all of this, implemented and tested it, and now it has been running live for a year - I still support the system.
  • Kinetic - Kinetic do change management consultancy. I have written for them a tool to do time and motion studies and analysis. There is a client tool that sits on the clients PC, and a server which allows them to upload and share data, graphs and diagrams. Again I did everything from start to finish and the job is in the final stages of testing.
  • Finance Media Leads - This is a site that allows people to download a form, put it in their website and send loans through finance media leads to a central loan application centre. The system keeps track of loans and partners, administers commissions, allows them to change and maintain the colours on their forms. This system is finished, but is not live yet as it is awaiting the clients finishing touches
  • Norwood Systems - At Norwood I created an embedded java application which sat inside a black box and controlled wireless communication between a base station and a set of headsets. It controlled lights on the outside of the box, took intructions from buttons on the box and created blluetooth communication between the headsets. This product is now live.
  • Barclays Mortgage Department - At Barclays I created a set of spreadsheets which read information from a central access database and create a set of management reports detailing sales in regions and the performance of the mortgage sellers.