Kinetic - Kinetic do change management consultancy. I have written a tool to do time and motion studies and analysis.

This tool is written in java and SWT, with a unix server and mysql database. The client has a sqlite database, to reduce the database overheads.

The first part of the tool allows the user to record time and motion information quickly and easily, by clicking start and finish buttons whilst allocating the time to activities and tasks.

Then there is a whole section of graphs (created using JFree), with the ability to drag readings from the graph and order them in order of priory

I also created a drawing section, which allows the user to draw visio type diagrams whilst dropping in live data collected by the first part of the tool

All the data is uploadable to a server database, which allows sharing, and users can check in,check out and synchronise projects. There is also a login/user permission part of the system to control access