Imas -

Imas are a compliance organisation for mortgage advisors and sellers. The system allows the advisors to input information from contacts all the way to final purchasers of mortgages. It allows the user to input the various stages and requirements, and will generate letters and emails for each stage automatically.

This system was already in place when they got in contact with me but the programmer had left. This was in 2006 and since then I have done a number of jobs maintaing and amending the system, including moving the whole lot to a cheaper server for them.

when I took over the programmer had dissappeared, so I had to get the whole development environment set up and undertand the system on my own. The first thing I did was setup a test system on the server so the client could see my changes before they went live.

The system is written in Swing and java, the backend is a java server using RMI for communication with the applet client. Mysql is used for the database