I wrote a blackberry application for Symantec for the 2010 Infosec exhibition. All the design was done by Exposure LTD, and I wrote the blackberry java app which displayed information about the exhibition and about Symantec, including listings of current viruses and threats.

The app can be seen here - - Feel free to download onto a blackberry and take a look.

The application shows a map of the exhibition halls and the ability to show toilets/exits/first aid etc on that map. You could also view a list of exhibitors and click on one to see where it is located on the map. There are also lists of local venues for eating/drinking/entertaining with the ability to go to their websites, phone them, or view them on a map.

It also has information about the things Symatec has expertise in, viruses, threats, spam etc. As well as graphs and a 'Current Threat' meter which shows the level of threats out there at the moment.

The app is written in Java using blackberry rim's API's where needed. It was written in OS 4.5 and was written mainly for the bold, though it is viewable in the curve and storm (looks a bit odd in the Pearl - because it is portait).

This was written under very tight timescales as it needed to be finished for the exhibition in late April and they approached me one month before. It involved working long days (sometimes nights) and weekends as the deadline could not be moved.