Phones and mobile applications

Recently I have been involved in writing applictions for phones including the IPhone, the Blackberry, Symbian and Android operating systems.

For the IPhone I have completed a project to bring alive trails around towns and villages by providing routes, images, audio and video information at thier fingers. This uses GPS to automatically inform the user that they are near a place of interest and then provides them with information, old photos, recordings of peoples memories and even videos of events that happen at that location.

This was written for audio trails using information and assets provided by them and can be seen at

There is also a Java version, which can be run on Android, Symbian and the Blackberry mobiles, which provides similar information to the Iphone app.

I also wrote a Blackberry app for Symantec and a similar one for Playstation which gives information about their products and was specifically aimed at an exhibition with maps of exhibitors and information about local services. These applications can be seen at and